What reference books for IB Physics should be chosen?

15 August, 2020
What reference books for IB Physics should be chosen
Giasuib – The enormous amount of knowledge of which IB Physics consists has caused difficulties for many students in the process of learning. Even though reference books and textbooks will help students overcome this problem but what reference books for IB Physics should be chosen?
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About IB Physics

IB Physics is the key subject in the IB program for students wishing to major in engineering. Not only IB Physics focuses on the knowledge and testing skills but it also requires students to have a fundamental specialized and academic English vocabulary.

IB Physics studies phenomena related to science, some contents that can be studied include mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, waves, atoms and nuclei … It demands students to have a solid foundation in general physics, analytical skills, as well as apply the knowledge they have learned into different types of exercises.

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What reference books for IB Physics should be chosen?

It is understandable that more and more students have fallen behind the IB Physics program for its large and wide range of knowledge as well as academic English words. Therefore, referring study material is a well-known method that can help students overcome this problem. Here are some typical IB Physics reference books:

  1. IB Diploma Programme includes 2 textbooks: Course Companion and Study Guide by Oxford. This syllabus is loved by many instructors and students for its detailed explanations for every topics in the Course Companion, while providing students with an outline of key knowledge, helping then comprehend the key point in the Study Guide
  2. Pearson Baccalaureate for IB Diploma Programs consists of 2 books: SL Physics and HL Physics separately. This syllabus is a must-have for preparing for the IB exam. Using real-life examples, this curriculum helps students understand the core knowledge of the IB Physics course.
  3. Physics for IB Diploma by Cambridge: This syllabus is as popular as Oxford’s because of the publisher’s reputation. Despite the difference in design, but in general, the knowledge is still close to the IB program and the arrangement is relatively easy for students to comprehend, plus there are all types of exercises from basic to advanced for students to practice.
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With those reference books mentioned before, I hope you know what reference books for IB Physics should be chosen?

Other than that, when in the process of learning, if students come across problems like: unable to keep up with the lecture, unable to apply the knowledge into practice, unable to solve combined exercises… then you need to seek help from the international tutoring center specialized in IB exam preparation. The teachers at these centers who are experienced in providing after-school support for international students will have a way to solve whatever problems you may have.

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