Which subjects does IB programs include?

26 May, 2020
Which subjects does IB programs include?
giasuib.com – IB is an international program run by IBO, an organization based in Switzerland. Accredited by universities and colleges around the world, which subjects does IB programs include?

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IB provides students around the world with a standard education that combines learning with different extracurricular and physical activities, helps students become knowledgeable young people, have good physical and emotional qualities. To study IB, students should understand which subjects does IB programs include?

Students in IB program will choose 6 subjects in 6 groups, each subject will include two levels of HL (Higher Level) and SL (Standard Level) to choose. However, you must choose at least 3 subjects at HL and no more than 4 at HL.

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  • Group 1 – Language and literature:

    • Language A – Literature: Provides 55 languages.
    • Language A – Language and literature: Provide 17 languages.
    • Language A – Performance: Provide 3 languages.
  • Group 2 – Receptive language:

    • Ab initio: For beginners including 12 languages ​​(SL level only).
    • Language B: For students who already have basic knowledge including 23 languages.
    • Classical language: Classical Latin or Greek language provide opportunities for students to learn the literature and culture of Rome and ancient Greece (SL level only).

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  • Group 3 – Personal and social: Business Management, Economics, History, Geography, Information Technology, Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology, World Religion (only SL level), Global Politics.

  • Group 4 – Science: Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Design Technology, Physics, Health Science and Sports.

  • Group 5 – Math:

    • Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL: Focus on explaining and applying Mathematics knowledge at the basic level.
    • Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation HL: Focus on explaining and applying Mathematics knowledge at the higher level.
    • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL: For students who have relatively good knowledge about Mathematics.
    • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL: For students with good knowledge and truly passion for Mathematics.
  • Group 6 – Art: Dance, Music, Cinema, Drama and Visual Arts.

About group 6 – Art, students can choose subjects from group 1 to group 5 instead. Now you know which subjects does IB programs include?

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