Why is AP easy to pass but difficult to get high scores?

3 April, 2021
Why is AP easy to pass but difficult to get high scores

giasuib.com – After 2 years of AP program (grade 10 – 11), you will choose 3 subjects that you have strenghs for AP exam, but you will also have many difficulties if you want to have flying colors. Why is AP easy to pass but difficult to get high scores?

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Why do students want high AP scores?

AP program is not divided into levels, but depends on your wishes and abilities. The score of AP subjects is from 1 to 5, of which 3 are accepted by most universities. However, when you reach a score of 4 or 5, there are more advantages:


  • Make your profile more impressive: When applying to top universities in the US, the higher your AP scores, the more advantages you have, because you prove your abilities and clearly oriented for your study plan.
  • Reduce credit and shorten study program: The higher AP scores can allow students to skip a lot of entry level courses, then you will graduate sooner than usual, which will save you considerable time and money.
  • Development of study skills: AP courses are more difficult than regular courses, so during the learning process, you can develop your thinking ability, analyze and solve problems. Furthermore, you will be more confident and mature.
  • Scholarship opportunities: Some states in the US have scholarship programs for students with AP certificates such as Arizona, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Texas…


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Why is AP easy to pass but difficult to get high scores?


  • Subjective reasons: AP exam is designed to measure your ability, experience, and knowledge of subjects at the same level as college entrance. This exam requires careful preparation, in addition to the knowledge in the class, students will have to explore and practice more exercises. However, many people are subjective or too confident with the basic knowledge and there is not any updating and equipping with practical, or in-depth knowledge related to the subject, that’s why the results are not high


  • Mistakes in exam assessment: This is also the reason why is AP easy to pass but difficult to get high scores. Each subject has a different structure so scores for each section are also assessed differently. You need to note how to calculate points for each section of the subjects you choose. For example, with World History, the multiple-choice portion is only worth 40%, while the three written portions (short answer, document-based analysis, and long essay) are worth 60%. Writing and reasoning skills are critical in this case, and this is what makes getting a 5 on this exam so difficult. However, achieving high scores requires advanced writing and critical thinking skills, but students often focus more on memorizing historical facts and less on higher-oder skills. When this happens, students often do not study correctly, which leads to lower scores.


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  • Choosing the wrong subjects: To get a good score on AP exam, you should choose the subjects in which you have strengths. However, many students choose subjects that are not their strengths because they think that subjects will easily get high marks in exams. No subject will easily get high marks if you do not have the investment, training and knowledge for that subject. And that is why is AP easy to pass but difficult to get high scores?


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