Why is IB easy to pass but difficult to get high scores?

26 March, 2021
Why is IB easy to pass but difficult to get high scores

giasuib.com – IB is a 2-year college preparatory program equivalent to grade 11-12. Students study only about 6 subjects and spend time on extracurricular activities. So is the IB easy to pass? The answer is yes. But why is IB easy to pass but difficult to get high scores?

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Why is IB easy to pass but difficult to get high scores?

When only focusing on the 6 groups of subjects that you have chosen, you will find it easy to allocate study schedules depending on your interests and abilities, so getting grades for passing IB is not difficult because you only need to memorize main ideas and do basic sample exercises.

However, for those students who want to achieve high scores or even maximum, it must depend on many factors. The boundary between “getting scores enough to pass” and “getting a high score” may sound close, but far away if you haven’t really tried hard in the study process and are subjective during the exams. Besides that, one of the differences between those who only got the average and those who did well is the allocation of study schedule.

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How to get high scores in IB?

Students usually have a bad habit of cramming for the tests before your exams 1-2 days, this not only affects your exam psychology but also directly affects the test results. For those who want to get high scores, during the learning process, always carefully review the previous lesson and take time to preview the next one. This helps you when you get closer to the exam, you do not have to hustle to review all night long, but only take the time to review old knowledge and do more mock tests to increase your ability to familiarize with the test format and get exposed to exam questions.

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For those who have difficulty acquiring knowledge, it is often because the teachers at the school do not have much time to go into details of the lessons, they only convey them generally and require students to learn more by self-study. Therefore, finding friends with the same goals to achieve high scores to study in groups should be considered. However, not everyone is suitable for group study, nowadays there are many international program preparation centers that open classes with many forms from 1 on 1 to 1 on many learners depending on the ability and needs of each student. This will help you no longer panic with the question: “Why is IB easy to pass but difficult to get high scores?”

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