Why is studying AP difficult?

10 May, 2021
Why is studying AP difficult?

giasuib.com – Why is studying AP difficult? It depends on subject you choose which is a difficult problem for those who are wondering when choosing an AP program.

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AP program

AP is an Advanced Placement program for high school students intending to study abroad at university and is designed by College Board. This program has about 38 courses in 7 core subjects. Students attending will be required to take part in the exam held in May each year. These scores will use these results to demonstrate academic ability for the undergraduate program before the admissions committee.

The results of AP exam are scored according to 5 levels to assess a student’s ability to plan to enter college:

  • 5 = absolutely satisfactory
  • 4 = very satisfactory
  • 3 = just enough
  • 2 = nearly satisfactory
  • 1 = unsatisfactory

How should choose subject for AP?

Depending on your orientation future and aspirational goals, you will choose a subject that matches your ability and interest.

  • Macroeconomics and Microeconomics are suitable for those who like Economics.
  • Psychology and Environmental Studies are suitable subjects for those who like Social Humanities.
  • Statistics and Calculus help you better prepare your knowledge for Engineering.
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  • Literature is more difficult than Language and suitable for those you like to delve deeply into literacy works.
  • Physics provide a premise to study related subjects in university such as Electricity and Magnetism.
  • Biology and Chemistry are chosen by many students when you want to continue studying Biochemistry or Ecology…
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Why is studying AP difficult?

  • The difficulty of AP test itself and how your high school AP class taught. Your score on the exam will affect whether you can get college credit for your class and will affect your GPA and overall score impression.
  • AP Biology can be a very difficult subject in a high school but easily gets an A, depending on the teacher.
  • However, the exams are quite similar from year to year. Some are harder than others, although your experience will depend on your personal strengths.
  • Most AP subjects are difficult and the tests are difficult, as they are at the same level as the first year of college which is the reason why is studying AP difficult.
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