Why is studying IGCSE difficult?

21 April, 2021
Why is studying IGCSE difficult?

giasuib.com – Most international programs cause more or fewer difficulties for the students. So why is studying IGCSE difficult?

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IGCSE program overview

IGCSE is one of the world most recognized and reputable standards of study, that’s why most universities around the world accept IGCSE as proof that the candidate has graduated from high school.

IGCSE lasts for 2 years for secondary school students from 15 to 17 years old. Completing IGCSE will provide a solid foundation into IB or A-level program. Students who receive certificates are recognized for critical thinking, learn, adapt foreign language and social skills better than students studying in a non-international program.

When participating in IGCSE program, students must study about 10 subjects selected from 70 subjects in 2 years. Since this is an international program, all are taught in English and according to international standards, this is surely something that will cause many parents to currently enroll their children in this program or plan to take their kids to study in the future worried about why is studying IGCSE difficult and how to study IGCSE easier.

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Why is studying IGCSE difficult?

Many students are struggling with IGCSE program because of language differences. If English is not your first language, it will be difficult to effectively acquire IGCSE knowledge because English is the primary language used to teach all IGCSE subjects.

Whether those are the subjects that use many numbers or images such as Math, Physics…, or use many words such as Literature, History…, academic English is still an important factor student should master well.

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Although IGCSE causes many difficulties for students, acquiring knowledge will be easy if you find the right direction. If language is a barrier, try to cultivate a more solid foreign language foundation, students will not only easily integrate into the international environment but also improve their ability to acquire academic knowledge. Later, when they graduate and level up, students can keep pace with other international programs that have similar learning styles.

In addition, students should turn the learned knowledge into examples that are happening in practice, this helps students remember the theory for a long time and be more interested in the practice.

So that is a reason for Why is studying IGCSE difficult?

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